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Demand For Coconut Water Creates New Exotic Wall Covering

March 27, 2015

Its not everyday that waste materials are the inspiration for new materials but in Indonesia the clever craftsman have created coconut tiles, a unique wall covering made from the by product of trendy coconut water. This latest in waters and super foods is all the rage these days and is being touted as the best natural source of electrolytes and that it is more effective than sports drinks. The product comes from the younger green coconuts and is the clear liquid found in the center of the coconut. This is the actual interior nut that is protected from the environment by the hard tusk that you typically think of as a coconut. If you have ever had real coconut water from the shell...

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Turning Garbage into Functional, Ecological Art

March 24, 2015

  We are a culture that is buried in a world of waste. Some of it is OK because we can recycle it or compost it but some of it is horrible and just heads to our landfills where it will occupy space well past the end of our days. Commercial job sites for example end up with large pieces of structural waste debris that serves no longer serves any purpose for the construction project. This material is not easily recycled and no longer needed so it heads to the dump. Some of this waste is large and occupies a tremendous amount of space and does not easily biodegrade. Luckily, there is a genre of artist who sees beyond what would appear to be garbage at...

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Sliced Pebble Tile

March 10, 2015

When texture and the visceral appeal of pebble tiles is not necessarily perfect for your design project but you still want the the look and the natural appeal of a river rock mosaic, sliced pebbles tiles are the perfect solution. The beauty of this style is that by cutting the stone across the grain, we reveal subtle intricacies and small variegation hidden inside the pebble. The most obvious benefit is by flattening the stone the artist create a uniformly even stone so that when the tile is installed the flooring is consistently level. For every homeowner wondering about the texture, comfort under foot, tables and chairs sitting level and potential tripping hazards, this rendition solves those potential issues and provides the added bonus...

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Pebble Tiles As A Modern Design Element

March 06, 2015

Pebble tiles are an exotic, handmade mosaic that is a newer architectural element in today’s design world.  Ironically, when you look into their origin this material is anything but new. They actually pre dates Roman times, so maybe like a lot of trends this one has finally come around again.  There have been improvements because back in the day they just hand placed each little stone into the mortar/mud bed (and in Mexico they still do it this way).  This was done with varying degrees of artistry and refinement and was a very laborious method because to create a floor required many steps and could only be done in small sections. These days thanks to some very clever and artistic...

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