Matsuhisa Denver - Stunning Reclaimed Teak Flooring From Beyond Tile

Matsuhisa Denver and stunning reclaimed teak tongue & groove cladding from Beyond Tile
Our latest project, Matsuhisa Denver, a Nobu Matsuhisa fine dinning experience in Denver Colorado, showcases a beautiful use of reclaimed Indonesia teak flooring. Naturally being importers from Bali, we are often asked to bring in some pretty incredible finishes for restaurant projects and hotels. So when we got the call from award winning architectural and design firm Rowland and Broughton of Denver, Colorado, we were happy to help them gain access to a beautiful engineered reclaimed teak flooring.
Beyond Tile's purchasing team on location in Bali
Luckily the timing was perfect and coincided with our July visit and purchasing trip to Bali. Although communicating with the states on Bali time is not the easiest, it is a heck of a lot easier to manage the nuances of a large project with material sourced from Indonesia when you are there.So we took full advantage of our being in Bali to handle all the details. Fortunately, our client  back in the states was very patient with the time difference and we were able to make sure all of the specifics were sorted for a quality product and on time fulfillment for Matsuhisa's opening.
                                  Main Dining Area Matsuhisa Denver CO
Reclaimed teak flooring from Beyond Tile was used for the ceiling at Matsuhisa, Denver Colorado
The level of detail and the amount of reclaimed teak flooring for the project was extensive. We used tongue and groove teak flooring for the ceilings, floors and as paneling. we also crafted a custom door and a 29" continuous bar top and a huge table for the private dining area.
                                    Private Dining Area Matsuhisa Denver CO 
teak flooring on walls and reclaimed teak table from Beyond Tile for Matsuhisa, Denver
One of the challenges and something all prospective users of teak should be aware of is that teak in colder climates is prone to shrinkage. According to some statistics teak can be very unstable when used in dry climates and it is prone to shrinkage. Most wood is naturally seasoned and kiln dried to prevent shrinkage. To manage our install we had the wood on the job site well in advance of install so it was well accustomed to Denver's winter chill.
                                     Interior Entrance Matsuhisa Denver CO 
Beyond Tile's Teak flooring as panels for the entrance from for Matsuhisa Denver, Co
The way  for consumers to manage this is the same, make sure the wood is properly acclimated. Putting in teak floors in the summer with high heat and humidity will invariably lead to shrinkage in the winter and gaps. If you install in the winter and the wood is acclimated and given a perimeter under the baseboards for expansion then issue are  not likely. That said always defer to a hardwood flooring expert who is FAMILIAR with the species of wood you are installing.
                                     Entrance Walkway Matsuhisa Denver CO
Walkway entrance using reclaimed teak flooring from Beyond Tile for panels for the new Matsuhisa in Denver, Co
Thematically the job was set to be indulgent in the opulence of teak so it was set for walls, beams and ceilings. We had initially thought of doing some panels but because of the challenges of the angled walkway, we calculated the waste would be enormous so teak flooring turned out to be more economical.
                                  Teak flooring as ceiling Matsuhisa Denver CO
Reclaimed teak flooring for the ceiling and reclaimed teak table tops Matsuhisa, Denver Co
Matsuhisa is one in a long line of restaurant, hotel and commercial projects Beyond Tile has a hand in and the second venture with this owner who also has the beautiful Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff California among his credits. For that project we supplied the stone mosaic for the main floor and our beautiful standing pebble tile for the bar cladding and a stunning curved feature wall.
                                  Teak flooring as ceiling Matsuhisa Denver CO 
Reclaimed teak for private booth at Matsuhisa Denver
                        Bar Top and Teak flooring as ceiling Matsuhisa Denver CO 
Sushi Bar feature 29 foot reclaimed teak bar top, Matsuhisa Denver
For us, it is always thrilling to be a part of an incredible project and we always come away beaming with pride in the stunning outcome of a great design collaboration. The good news is that even though the teak flooring is not on the site, we can get it very easily for you. It is 100 % reclaimed so its great for LEED projects. It's not the cheapest stuff at around $14.00 a square foot but it is beyond beautiful and will take any project to the next level.
                Teak flooring as paneling and custom door for Matsuhisa Denver CO 
Matsuhisa Denver Entrance feature reclaimed indonesion flooring as paneling and a stunning teak door from Beyond Tile
Tell us what you think of our Matsuhisa Denver Project. We'd  love  to hear your comments!

Tad Keyser
Tad Keyser


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DeBorah Humphries
DeBorah Humphries

April 28, 2016

I love the organic look of the reclaimed teak and the color adds richness and warmth. By applying the teak to the floor, ceilings and walls the continuity adds simplicity to a very sophisticated environment. I don’t know what they are serving at this restaurant but the aesthetics scream rich and I’d love to stay, have a meal and enjoy the surroundings. Great job!

De Humphries,
Interior Designer
ASID, Allied Member
Port Ludlow, Wa

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