25 Great Pebble Tile Installations - OUTDOORS

One of the joys of having been importing pebble tiles for so many years is the nostalgic look backs at of some of my favorite projects. Whether it is commercial projects like the fountain we did for the Revenue Canada, the fountain for Georgia Tech, the planters for Pasadena and the Rose Bowl or local projects like the L'Auberge in Del Mar, Ca. we are always thrilled to see the ingenuity in applying pebble tiles. And of course there is great pride in our residential projects where the designers and homeowners creativity over the years has blown us away. Anyways, I grabbed 25 pics of some of the outdoor projects using pebble tiles that I have pictures of. Hope you enjoy them and feel that inspiration for creativity bubbling up in you.

Outdoor steps in River rock pebble tile from Beyond Tile

           This is a great use of our River Rock Pebble Tile and White Pebble Tile for this     engaging patio entrance.

Outdoor entrance in white pebble tuile and river rock pebble tile from Beyond Tile

 A close up of the our River Rock Pebble Tile and White Pebble Tile as they weave towards the open entrance.



Outdoor barbeque are in river rock pebble tile and white pebble tile from Beyond Tile

 The patio is really all about the River Rock Pebble Tile.

River Rock pebble tile outdoor patio flooring from Beyond Tile

I really love the quality of the tile setters craftsmanship as he blends the River Rock Pebble Tile and White Pebble Tile.

Indonesian Green Pebble Tile pool patio columns

 This is a really old installation done in Key West using the green pebble tile for the pool edging and coping and the columns.

Outdoor patio columns in Indonesian green pebble tile

Pretty stunning design concept wrapping the columns in the green pebble tile. And yes that is the gulf of Mexico these poor folks have to take in from their patio.

Oudoor shower in sable sun sliced pebble tile from Beyond Tile

This is the only picture I have of this cool outdoor shower done in our Sable Sun Sliced Pebble Tile but I love it.


Melange pebble tile for striking pool deck accent from Beyond Tile

This is so old I can even remember when we did it but I do recall loving the inventive use of the auburn pebble tile.


Outdoor patio fountain in black standing pebble tile from Beyond Tile

My dentist's wife is an amazing designer. This is here clever use of Smokey Black Standing Pebble Tile for her pool water feature.


Outdoor steps in black pebble tile from Beyond Tile

My GC buddy decided to create an Asian inspired coastal home. He used our black pebble tile for many features including this uber cool stairway to the pool.

Pool fountain in blacks pebble tile and black standing pebble tile

Same house but now we are poolside and looking at the Smokey Black Standing Pebble Tile for the facing of the hot tub spillway.

Pool coping and edge treatments in black pebble tile from Beyond Tile

They capped the spillway with the black pebble tile and did all of the pool liners in the same stone

Outdoor patio entrance in tan pebble tile from Beyond Tile

This is the back entrance way to a $5 mill coastal delight. Super cool house with lots of our tan pebble tile.


Outdoor shower floor in tan pebble tile

Same house with a spacious outdoor shower with our tan pebble tile as the flooring.

Outdoor entrance with tan pebble tile onthe risers

Main entrance to the same house showing clever continuity of the tan pebble tile theme through the house.

Skipping stone pebble tiles for outdoor patio pavers

One of our first residential projects for an architect who also became a personal client. Great use of our skipping stone gray pebble tile.

Oudoor patio fountain madeof skipping stone pebble tiles

This is a Phoenix home designed by a local designer with a stunning water feature using our skipping stone gray pebble tile.

Oudoor patio flooring using amber pebble tile

Coastal happiness abounds with this ocean front home sporting our golden pebble tile.

Amber pebble tile patio pavers with wood deck tiles from Beyond Tile


I love this creative melange of our amber polished pebble tile and our ipe wood deck tiles.



I wish I could find the rest of the photos of this house in Martinique. The view from the other side of the bar featuring our tan standing pebble tile is to die for and really so is the whole house. It is something!


Close up of the same bar in Martinique using the tan standing pebble tile. Maybe I could use the excuse of needing more photos to head down so I could sip cafe au lait, eat croissants and surf Basse Point.

Ahh a local commercial project, Cardiff town center. This is in my hood and home to my favorite local grocery store and pizza joint. They did a great job jazzing up this north wall using our green standing pebble tile.


A Del Mar California heritage spot, L'Auberge has seen many of Hollywood finest over the years. When we first started this business, we rented a condo below this joint which had pool access to the one you see in the pulled back picture below this one. Its where for 30 days we worked out the details of our business plan. We were pretty fired up when they called us in on their renovation. The redid the entire patio with our modular ipe wood deck tiles and used 400 sq ft of our standing river rock pebble tile for the water feature that greets visitors.

river rock standing pebble tile from Beyond Tile for Auberge Del Mar CA

This is from the upper deck facing the Pacific and where many weddings are hosted. Nice views plus our cool wood deck tiles and standing pebble tiles

Close of of River Rock standing pebble tile from Beyond Tile for the Auberge water feature Del Mar Ca

A close up of the 25 foot tall standing pebble tile water feature. Its pretty cool and the water play on the stones is impressive.

So there it is. A little peek into some of our hand in bringing Bali's finest pebble tiles to the America's. Hope you enjoyed and would love to hear your comments.

Tad Keyser
Tad Keyser


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