Interior Design - Great Rules to Design By

Interior Design is an acquired skill and comes in varying degrees. Like fashion sense, some have it and some well...maybe miss the mark. But just like that individual dressed to perfection gains our admiration so does a well though out and thoughtfully planned interior design. No more than we ever look our best when scrambling out the door in the early morning to walk the dog does our home resonate with style when we randomly throw varying styles and design ideas together. Often times a homes interior will look like a collaboration of designs and lack a flow and consistency. The desire to create change is powerful but need to temper that desire and the patience to create a plan is critical if you want your house to be beautiful, welcoming and praise worthy. And the good news is that it does not require a massive budget to facilitate great improvements to your living spaces. Below is a compilation of some of my favor tips from some great designers for some practical perspectives to keep in mind during the interior design process.

Interior Design Rule 1 - Proportion and Scale

When designing a room, it is important to take into consideration the size and space available. It is a huge design error to put large furniture into a small room. So as much as that reclining sofa feature has great appeal for game day, if it is crammed into a too small of a room then the room will look and feel smaller and crowded.

Interior Design Rule 2 - Less is More

More than 5 design elements in most spaces will leave your sense spinning. Try and take a step back from the space and think clean and uncluttered. Striving for simplicity forces you to think through all aspects of your design and it forces you to make intentional design choices rather than just filling up the space with visual clutter. Simplicity does not have to mean minimal, sparse or boring. It simply means that the design is true to itself by achieving a consistent design expression throughout. 

Interior Design Rule 3- Good Design is not always Subjective

There are some basic design principles taught in introductory design classes in college that  are important to always remember.  Balance, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Repetition, Proportion, Rhythm, Variety, Unity. All of these design principles matter a great deal and when these principles are not followed can result in a very chaotic and schizophrenic home. If you follow these basic principles in your design your chances of success will be exponentially greater.

Chad Barker
Chad Barker


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March 06, 2015

I live in Manhattan and was really stuck on a kitchen project, but couldn’t afford to hire a Designer to help me out. I found Beyond Tile via internet search, one of the things that attracted me to their site was the offer of free design advice. I picked up the phone and connected with Tad.

Tad spent over 1 hour with me during our initial conversation. We talked 1st about my kitchen project and then the bathroom project I also had underway at the time. He was patient, understanding and extremely helpful, it was incredibly refreshing. After our initial conversation, I followed up a week or so later with an extremely detailed email, including pictures of my apartment and lots of questions. Tad responded within the week with a ton of advice and suggestions.

After our 2 interactions I was easily able to choose the tiles that I wanted and felt confident about how they would look. I ordered some of the tiles from Beyond Tile, they arrived extremely well packed and considering they were shipped from CA, arrived very quickly. I would have ordered all my tiles from Beyond Tile if we had been on the same side of the Country, but it ended up being more cost effective for me to order the tiles that I wanted on the East Coast. I certainly wish it could have been different, I really wanted to do the whole project through Tad as he had been so incredibly helpful.

I can’t post a picture of the finished product here, as the tiles aren’t up yet, however, I know they are going to look fantastic and will certainly check back to post pictures at a later date!

I can’t recommend this Company enough, you really get the feeling that they care, it’s not just a business for them, they want to do the best that they can do for you.

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