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Every homeowner who want to change their living space starts at the same place, a general disappointment at what they currently are looking at every day. It usually starts soft and subtle like a whisper but after one to many days of staring at the less than ideal part of your home that seems to becoming more unattractive daily, the whisper becomes a scream that says " I can't take it!!". So after months or years, you decide to take the plunge and make some changes. But where to start can be as daunting as putting up with the less than savory part of your design that is driving you nuts. A good place to start is with some simple steps  to give your creative juices a chance to shine.


The next obstacle many homeowners face is the how to manage the cost involved in creating transformations.  Beyond the simple but not particularly attractive option of painting over an ugly tile the options can seem limited. At first glance, a new back splash can be surprisingly expensive or may seem out of reach due to material cost and the price contractors charge for a smaller job. So please keep these two things to keep in mind. First when it comes to your home and improving it, think INVEST not EXPENSE. That does not mean be silly about the cost but remember that you are improving your home by investing in making it better. The results will be both an increased emotional happiness with your home and the real property value should go up as well ( NOTE: some people go into very personalized interior design which can limit a future audience when it comes to sale of the home). Second, you do not have to have expensive materials or tiles to create stunning interior design. A great example of this is Beyond Tile's new 2X4 Glass Subway Tile.

The premise behind this tile was to provide a bright and cheery style of back splash that was both easily affordable and also easily installed by the average homeowner. The answer was to first eliminate the biggest obstacles to the cost of the subway tile. By thinning this series down to 1/4 inch, we were able to bring the glass subways down to a very affordable price point without sacrificing any quality. In fact, these tiles are kilned at 800 Celius which provides a much more stable glass and is so durable it can be used as a pool tile ( many glass tiles in the market are NOT pool rated).

Also by reducing the thickness, we opened the door to eliminating many of the steps that the average DIY installer does not know how to do or want to do like. We get many calls about pulling out old tile and clients wondering if it is possible to simply install over the existing tile. Fortunately with a thinner profile and lighter weight, these 2X4 subways can easily be installed right over existing tile. To make sure the tile adheres there is a simple  surface prep by Custom Building Products ,MBP ( Mutli Surface Bonding Primer), that makes the job a snap.This one simple step can save thousands of dollars in demolition and preparation of the surface for the new tile.

The other worry some DIY tilers worry about is the use of spacers and getting the grout lines straight and even. So sure there is some extra work to setting up spacers but the process is really very simple and easily done. That said the 2X4 subway glass tiles are mesh mounted and already set up in a standard ( classic) pattern that makes the installation super quick because the mental exercise of spacing and placement is 90% done thanks to each 12X12 tile section.

Another massive plus to a renovation using glass subway tiles is that they are also incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Different than ceramic or natural stone back splashes (stone is porous and will stain if not properly sealed every couple of years) that can actually suck light from a space, glass is like a mirror and actually reflects light back into the space. And because the light in your space will always be changing ( natural or lighting) the color of your glass tile will also subtly change and create shade nuances that add tremendous dimension to smaller and darker spaces. And glass subway back splashes or shower walls are stain proof and so at any moment a wipe with Windex away from looking like you just installed them.

So if you want a splash of lighten to brighten an area that has become a frustration for you but don't want to break the bank or your back to get a new look, take a look at 2X4 Glass Subway Tile for a gorgeous and effective home remodeling solution.

Chad Barker
Chad Barker


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