This is HOW I FEEL right now!

Hey you,


It's Christa and I am feeling INSPIRED & CREATIVE..,


My client/friend has this amazing quality.

She goes out of her way to tell people, especially strangers, genuinely kind things about themselves.

I notice it most often with wait staff in restaurants. But I’ve also seen her spread the love to taxi drivers, dog walkers and construction workers.


The burst of life and energy she brings to others with just a few kind words always inspires me.


If you ever feel like all the hard work you do goes largely unnoticed, watch this now. Take a 2 minute break from your day GET INSPIRED and give yourself some genuinely KIND words...YOU DESERVE IT! I am such a FAN of this project!! It was so MUCH FUN and the results were fantastic including the FRIENDSHIP formed with my client.  








I am passionate about doing projects!! 

Beyond the usual vendors we installed several awesomely unique lines that get me extremely fired up to get creative - for myself, my team and my family and friends and YOU. 


We would LOVE  to accomplishes something extraordinary with you collaborating on ordering the hard surfaces (counter-tops etc) and tile for YOUR project!!  



We may have met before as we have owned  DESIGN FOR LESS AND BEYOND TILE for 12 years working on everything from the above residences to LAS VEGAS casinos, Resorts in Hawaii, trendy restaurants and perhaps you or YOUR neighbor's remodel.  


I'm so very excited to hear what you think about us getting together on this and future projects so I will follow-up soon and can always be reached directly at 858-342-5940  


To THANK YOU for your loyalty and following please use the discount code save20 to receive 20% OFF all items on   


Warm regards

Christa & Tad

Christa Keyser
Christa Keyser


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