Using Pebble Tile Mosaics For A Backsplash

Home improvements are sometimes really simple affairs of adding a fresh coat of paint or putting in a new backsplash to change a room. One pebble tile idea and one of my favorites easy enhancement to do is using the natural stone mosaics as a backsplash to add texture, natural stone and a modern rustic appeal. It is also a pretty easy DIY. And, in a world of wisely increasing home values, this is one of  three critical areas you should focus on. The most important improvement for Americans is the exterior landscaping ( we love our curb appeal), then updating the kitchen and finally the master bathrooms. So changing up a backsplash is a smart move and a heck of a lot cheaper than most exterior landscape work.

And the kitchen is a good place to start as it really is the soul of a home. It is where the many moments of family life are centered around, where celebrations are commenced and where almost every party ends. Therefore, every single part of the kitchen should not only be functional but it should also be aesthetically pleasing. It should reveal the homeowners personality and complement the rest of the home’s interior design.  Nothing worse than a kitchen that is dark and uninspiring. New home builders know this and that the key to selling homes is focusing on models with backsplashes that have huge appeal. They know that emotional connections to a space are what generate sales and that a stunning kitchen is critical. Every home owner intuitively knows this also which is why searches for back splash options are so common.


Ironically, many homeowners are unaware that kitchen backsplashes are a really cheap fix for brightening and updating a kitchen.  But going to cheap can result in more harm than good so be cautious about being overly budget focused and relying to much on Home Depot's or Lowe's standard offerings.  Money wisely spent as investment in the emotional value of a great backsplash will enhance the ambiance of the area and an updated kitchen can dramatically increase the value of your home( home flippers live off of this). And this is a pretty easy fix because the job can typically be done in about two to 4 days of days of labor time. And even though mosaic glass tiles and ceramic tiles are the most common kitchen backsplash materials, pebble tiles are a unique option that is not on most peoples radar and that is what makes them so distinctive.

The stones for most pebble tiles are found in Asian and in islands of Indonesia where this material was originally created by local artisans. 100% natural ancient river rock tiles offer warm earthy textures yet are remarkably modern. More common for shower walls, flooring and especially shower pans, kitchen backsplashes  have become a new consideration among designers. The results vary from very cool California Craftsman or coastal cottage to  Eastern Atlantic seaside home or Wyoming mountain cabin. 

Naturally, the pebble tiles are ideal of bathroom backsplashes as well and for those who love the more serene feeling of stone this will give the bath a spa feeling. The biggest benefit to going in this direction is the style emulates what a lot of boutique hotels use to induce a sense that you are escaping into another land. The hand made artistry of the pebbles mosaics lend perfectly to this and soften transitions between the counter top and the mirror creating a more harmonious space. Regardless of the color incorporating pebble tiles backsplashes into your design will give you a current, contemporary space with a soft natural rustic element.

What do you think? Can you see where pebble tiles might fit in your backsplash designs? we would love to hear from you.

More questions about pebble tiles? Check out our FAQ

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Chad Barker
Chad Barker


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