Create A Boutique Spa Using Pebble Tile

Every boutique spa knows that we all love a place where we can get away from the world and slip into relaxation and let the stress of the world slip away. And that same day to day luxury can be yours by creating a spa like bathroom that looks and feels like a hotel spa. By copying design techniques of the professionals, you can transform your master bathroom into a modern oasis. A favorite trick by designers is using stones, pebbles, and rocks to create the feeling of bringing the outdoors in. One modern element  that is super easy to use is pebble mosaic tiles which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used on  floors, walls, and even on the shower floor.

Choosing the right pebble tile for your spa bathroom:

Nature, time and erosion makes stones and pebbles unique like snowflakes and no two are exactly alike. Top manufactures like Beyond Tile go to great lengths to create consistency in color, shape and size but this is a hand made mosaic made with natural river rocks and so there are inherent variations. This is the beauty of pebble tile, because you get the beauty of the textured surface below your feet, in the shower or against the wall behind your vanity.  Choosing the right one could be a challenge, and remember colors and sizes will vary based on your bathroom design style. Larger pebbles tend to look more rustic and imperfect, while smaller pebbles will give a more refined and sophisticated aesthetic. Pebble tile installed also looks very different with contrasting or complimenting grout colors. A stone enhancer can also dramatically change the look of the tile and can be the perfect step in changing the shade for your spa bathroom.

Pebble tile can be easily installed:

If you’re thinking of adding a river rock look to your bathroom, it is relatively easy to install pebble tile. The process is very similar to ceramic or porcelain tile mosaics that are affixed to a net or mesh backing. There are some subtle differences in that the tile are made with an interlocking pattern so they butt together without seams so you get the vast continuous field of pebbles as seen in the installation images.  Determine if you want an accent wall made from pebble tile or you’d like to mix and match it with ceramic, porcelain or even mosaics. The options are limitless to create a spa-like atmosphere in your restful bathroom.

While you may think that creating a spa-like bathroom has to cost you a fortune, think again. High quality large format porcelain tiles are available now that mimic natural stones like marble's and limestone's ( which can be pricey and hard to maintain) are pretty readily found. Adding a pebble border can enhance the look for your bathtub, surround and sink or they can highlight a key wall in your shower. Natural pebbles look beautiful and will instantly transport you to the relaxing outdoors each time you retreat to your bathroom.


 So if you want to break the binds of the fast paced world and want to create a private organic space to unwind, consider creating a spa like master bathroom for yourself.

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Chad Barker
Chad Barker


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May 19, 2015

Love these ideas… Ready to start a vision board for my new bathroom…hmmm

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