Cute Kids Raising Money For SurfAid With Lemonade Stand

Kids are classic! I love seeing kids involved and inspired. My son, Trent and his neighbor friend Zoey took to the corner of a local access bridge to set up a lemonade stand to raise money and awareness for SurfAid. SurfAid is an award  winning humanitarian organization that helps the mothers, children  and villages of the more remote 18,000 Indonesia villages with life sustaining practices for preventing malaria, accessing clean water, managing child birth, infant and child care and so much more. It is a super lean charity that puts over 70% of donations into immediate use for the islanders. This charity is super relevant to us because our business imports pebble tiles from Bali, Indonesia and our kids have been there and know the factory and workers.

Take a peek at these 7 year old cuties and their lemonade stand for SurfAid!


Lemonade Stand for Surfaid

Chad Barker
Chad Barker


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