New Cultured Marble Sliced Pebble Tiles

There are 14 new styles of sliced pebble tile just released by Beyond Tile ( Press Release) and the colors selections look hot. Two of the new river rock tiles are traditional versions of sliced pebble tile from exotic Asian locales.The other twelve are popular cultured marbles that have been created into flat pebble tile mosaics. Both of these styles of stone are very unique and were created in response to the growing demand for more interesting floor and wall mosaics for bathrooms, showers and indoor/outdoor flooring.

In keeping with the popularity of the traditional pebble tiles, Beyond Tile has done a superb job in maintaining the integrity of creating the pebble floor premise for smooth, level seamless pebble flooring when making their sliced pebble mosaics. Instead of odd, oblong pieces that lack symmetry or have  large spaces and gaps, the new series are round and oval sized pebbles that create a very distinctive, uniform and seamless surface. Which is a great option when choosing pebble tile because some customers do not care  for  feel of natural pebble tiles underfoot.

The other thing we are seeing is a push from big box stores to take niche products like pebble tiles and get the Chinese to mass produce them. This results in lower end materials that are really horrible to walk on and look cheap. Fortunately, the quality at Beyond Tile is what sets them apart and why they have been so instrumental in large commercial restaurant and hotel projects around the globe.

To the discerning trade professionals like interior designers and architects, the key to the cut style is that is the look and assembly are like the original artistic Balinese pebble tile. When these hand made mosaics are done well and with a respectful nod to the artistic origins, the installations look phenomenal and the flat surface eliminates some installation concerns presented by traditional pebble tiles.  Also for shower pans, if the shower pan float is not adequately pitched then sliced pebble tiles are a good alternative or for some installer the better option.  Also one of the big assets of pebble mosaics is the the slip co efficiency or slip resistance. With both the natural and sliced at .90 this is fantastic so it is the ideal flooring for seniors who are trying to avoid slippery surfaces and uneven surfaces.

Also new on the sliced tile front are a potential for a new rounded pebble tile. These will be essentially a manufactured series similar to the cultured marble sliced pebble tiles but designed as true circles.  This new series and the potential new circles are very striking and really stunning installations will be the norm with these tiles. So keep an eye out for some nice install pictures from a new project- maybe yours!

Tad Keyser
Tad Keyser


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