How to use COCONUT Tiles to make an impact ...


Almost all deeply meaningful creative endeavors goes through a similar journey.

You start out on fire. You’re high on passion and possibilities. You could not be more jazzed about your new IDEA!

But then, you hit a rough patch. Unexpected challenges and unforeseen complications take you off track. Suddenly, everything that was going so great has morphed into a hot, frustrating mess.
Your energy tanks. Doubt creeps in. You can’t help but think…

“Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

Sound familiar?


We are here to MAKE a difference that is why arming you with NEW and CREATIVE tile is woven into our business model.


We know the BEYOND tile philosophy inside and out and have used it just like YOU TOO can experience to create WOW results and make a bigger impact in the world.


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If you're ready to use BEYOND tile products and design recipes to help get your remodel or new construction out to the world in a bigger way, you're going to love these ideas.


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Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you used eco friendly materials? If so, how exactly did you do it?

And if you’re actively working on this tell me which eco materials you can start using, starting now.

Thank you as always for being kind, generous and thoughtful in the comments. If you found value in this video, please share it with your friends — it would mean the world to us.

Thanks again and have an amazing week!

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Christa Keyser
Christa Keyser


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