How To Use Sliced Pebble Tile to Remodel A Tiny Space

Recently we had a client who was working on a remodel of a very small mountain cabin washroom. She wanted something with a rustic modern appeal and was worried about the constrains the space put on her product selection. We knew that as great as some of the larger format porcelain tiles are that her space would ultimately be over powered by tiles that were too large. Traditional 12x12 were an option but generally considered a pretty basic these days and with selection be nominal compared to larger format tiles.
So we suggested a sliced pebble tile mosaic.
The pebble pieces in a sliced mosaic blend to form a continuous field but because the pebbles are all slightly different you get some variation. The image above is the result of using the melange sliced pebble tile.  We loved the warm tones of the melange and think that the pairing for this pretty small bathroom results in a very welcome space.

Chad Barker
Chad Barker


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