10 Great Standing Pebble Tile Images

                 Our first commercial black standing pebble tile installation


When we first started importing pebble tile the only real material available was the 12x12 field pebble tile. We used them for walls, floors, shower pans, pool decks, homes, hotels and restaurants.Then in June of 2005 we started importing a cladding version we dubbed standing pebble tile. Basically we were finding that we had all of these excess pebbles that were not a great gauge of thickness for the 3/8 flooring so we started cutting the extra pebbles in half and standing them on the cut ends.

We tried to stay with smaller stones so the cladding was tight and we used a 4x12 pattern to make installation easy.

The results of the installations of our standing pebble tiles has been nothing short of spectacular. Below are some of our favorite residential and commercial examples of standing pebble tile installations.


            This is the north corner of the downstairs dining room for Pacific Coast Grill                        sunny Cardiff, Ca.sporting our black standing pebble tile. Spectacular                                             views of the surf, amazing food and DESIGN!


Another curved masterpiece using the black standing pebble tile. This spa at the Westin Kaanapali in Maui really captures the essence of the islands with the use of natural stone in their design.

     Tan standing pebble tile- outdoor bar St. MartinI wish I remembered the name of the design firm in Manhattan that created this stunning outdoor bar in St. Martin using our tan standing pebble tile and the live edge wood bartop.


A nice close up of the tan standing pebble tile feature wall for the outdoor bar in St Martin                                     A nice close up of the St. Martin outdoor bar


Green standing pebble tile            Spring Rain Standing Pebble Tile - Seaside Market Cardiff Town Center, Ca.


bright black standing pebble tile             Bold Black Standing Pebble Tile - Sammis residence, Solana Beach, Ca


River rock standing pebble tile                  Teddie Kossof Salon, Chicago - River Rock Standing Pebble Tile


skipping stone standing pebble tile - Stone Brewery Escondido, CA                    Icon Stone Brewery, Escondido, CA  guest bathrooms featuring                                                            skipping stone standing pebble tile


Mix Quartz Standing Pebble Tile - Ugh Store - Soho, New York City                            Our Mixed Quartz Standing Pebble Tile in the Flagship                                                                     Ugh Store in Soho, New York City


Black standing pebble tile-Sheraton Waikiki,Oahu                      Our stunning Bold Black Standing Pebble Tile greats visitors in                                                           the lobby of the Sheraton Waikiki, Oahu.


We have many more installations that feature more residential applications that we will roll out in the future. Till then hope this inspires your design juices.

               Have a favorite. Tell us here! We love to know your thoughts.







Tad Keyser
Tad Keyser


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