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The step-by-step method for going from uninspired living to thriving creator of a fabulous home or space

Becoming a thriving creator of interior design

The step-by-step method for going from uninspired living to thriving creator of a fabulous home or space.
I promise this method will catapult you into a creative, deserving, motivated state of mind. Let's get started

First, set out an hour to DETOX the space your are giving your attention to. Decide which room gets your immediate could be your bedroom, office, bathroom, the powder room, your kitchen...It's really Up to You! Calendar or schedule 2 hours to clear the space out. Be relentless! Anything you don't LOVE, that is gathering dust, does not fit with the atmosphere you see creating ... the atmosphere that reflects inspiration in you. Just because it's a great piece does not mean you should keep it; someone else will benefit from your generosity!

Two: Calendar or schedule an hour to really picture your ideal evolution of the space. Don't worry about budget at this point let yourself dream and get creative. If you need some inspiration check out our pinterest or social media sites or hey google it!

Three. From your dream board choose something you can take Action on now. Maybe it's as simple as adding one new item to the space. For example if you had a few dollars and liked beach life how HOT would this piece of art look on your wall

or maybe it's a new rug or new towels. If you are ready to rock it a little deeper consider the remodel. It could be your bathroom and your ready to start dreaming about shower wall tiles. Whether it's BIG or a small step TAKE SOME ACTION! 4. Lay out a plan to reach your ideal inspiration. Every journey begins with a few small steps so lay out your first steps and start to create some movement.

FIVE. Reward yourself! Anything from an affirmation to an activity you love or some time with a person you love being with. Do something you really ENJOY and mentally acknowledge it's a reward for embarking on the step-by-step method for becoming a thriving creator!

Become who you really want to be; You deserve to be surrounded by beauty and design that inspires you get where you want to go, that inspires you to live a better life, be happy, see the world from a new perspective and become who you really want to become. It really works! Have you ever watched one of the Home makeover type shows where the sole purpose of the remodel is to create a space that allows the family that occupies it to reach their true potential ... they are a prime example of why this really works and if a home makeover is not in the cards for you today you can START NOW with something smaller.

So go ahead take the first step for you… Maybe it’s deciding which room is going to get your attention or maybe it’s as simple as joining our Beyond TILE tribe so that continue to be inspired to move in this direction.
YOU can do this!




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