Beautiful and exotic all natural coconut tiles are an incredibly fresh and easy way to renovate any space. Made from the inside of a coconut, we use the actual shell that protects our trendy coconut milk to create a stunning wall covering.Simple large format panels of coconut tiles are super simple for any individual to glue onto the lonely wall that deserves so much more than paint.
Made up of little 1x1 chips of shell, we hand assemble the pieces together to form a super simple, DIY, wall tile. Your environmentally friendly sensibilities can rejoice in the well intentioned use of a waste by product being artfully re-purposed by local Balinese artisan. Ingenious in their beauty and simplicity, our coconut tiles are  very cost effective. These modern yet rustic architectural elements that will transform any drab space into an interior design marvel without extensive demolition, construction or installation expense.
Do yourself and your interior design a big favor and bring in the warmth and beauty of the tropics to your home with our exotic hand made Indonesian coconut tiles.

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