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Melange Pebble Tile

Polished Melange color pebble tile, 100% natural Asian pebbles are assembled on interlocking mesh pattern for a seamless designer finish. A great looking pebble tile with stunning tones of amber , browns, taupe, burgundy, grayish white and black stones artistically blended. The pebbles or ancient river rocks are sorted for color size and thickness ensuring the best gauge of pebbles for a uniform height and color pallet. The pebbles are then carefully reviewed again, hand selected then puzzled into a patented interlocking mesh pattern. The result is a premium pebble tile with superior consistency and quality. Each tile assembly is on a sturdy nylon mesh backing using an environmentally safe glue. The patented interlocking pattern is designed so the pebble tiles fit together seamlessly when installed. The final installed result is a seamless field of pebbles with no detectable tile pattern.

Commercial & residential.
Product Specifications: Pebble Tile
Backing: Nylon Mesh Sheet
Dimensions: 12” x 12” (.98 Sq Ft)
Individual Pebble Size: Approx 3/4" to 11/2"
Thickness: Approx 3/8"
Finish: Natural

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