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Black Standing Pebble Tile

Our exotic stacked pebble tile is from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. There is now doubting Black Standing Pebble Tile is a show stopper. You can judge how much impact a tile has when designers specify it for their own homes. Our stunning gray-black stacked pebble tile mosaic is incredible for creating a visual impact. These mosaic tiles are the ultimate in unique when choosing a backsplash tile, kitchen tile or bathroom tile. Rich with warm textures and subtle hues, these are a designer favorite and have been used in everything from dream homes to premium boutique hotels.

We create our standing pebble tiles from the same pebbles that we sort for our premium 12×12 pebble tiles. The result is a superior product of consistent height and pebble thickness. We do not recommend you compromise your design features with inferior product made from remnants used for loose landscaping stone as the stone sizes are very random and the thinset for adhering becomes apparent.

Each tile is 4”x12” with interlocking sides. The standing pebbles are ordered by the piece (4×12) but keep in mind you will need 3 tiles to complete a square foot.

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