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Welcome! We're Christa & Tad

We often say creating great interior design for your home is, on a very deep and personal level, a game changer. When your home radiates the warm tangible ambiance of a well thought out and coordinated interior design, it becomes a an oasis, a literal retreat from the clutter of everyday life. At Beyond Tile, my wife and I first learned this from our great interior decorating friend Harvey Wise from Toronto. He taught us that the time, energy and money you devote to the process of design, material selection and quality comes back ten fold in the form of a home you can't wait to come back to and your friends can't stop complimenting.

We were so "wowed" by the results of our first real interior design journey and how incredible our home looked and felt that we decided to embark on a personal quest to find truly unique and stunning materials to share with our friends and ultimately the design community. It is 14 years now since that remodel that shifted our perspective on interior  design and we have since re purposed our lives to traveling the exotic nooks of the world and finding and sharing unique design bits and pieces that are attractive, unique and the foundation for truly stunning design.

Our first formative find was pebble tiles in Bali which happened through a series of encounters with surfers, language teachers and casual importers. Through them and with their encouragement, we found the original creator of pebble mosaics and the preeminent source for all the mined pebbles in the industry. Kismet for sure and we knew we had to figure out how to make this product available in the US to our friend, family and our growing community of architectural and design professionals. So with a little luck and a lot of effort, we launched our foray into the world of importing. Wow what an eye opener learning how to import was and all the hurdles to get up to speed on the nuances of shipping, customs and clearing merchandise for sale in the US. 

Once that first container landed in San Diego, we were thrilled and happily directed to drop off at our little mini self storage space. Nine hours and 9,000 forty pound boxes later, we had unloaded and stored our first order. Everyone from our dear friend in Indonesia who made our first pebble tiles to our local friends were shocked we had taken the plunge. We were a bit shocked as well having no idea how physically demanding unloading a container of rocks would be. But we did it and it was the first of many memorable moments in the growth of our family business. We’ve created a multimillion dollar business that gives back from scratch.

These days we travel a bit less but no less passionately.  Our business and our family has grown and now with two busy boys in tow, we still make an annual effort to see the world and sample all it has to offer.     

This year it is back to Indonesia and Bali for a month. The boys are old enough to endure the flight and open enough to embrace the culture. It will be eye opening for them as the people of Bali are very warm and open in all respects. It is a magical place and full of inspiration

Through a network of hundred of tile dealers, our work with architects, builders and designers as well as individuals in countries around the world we have supplied A LOT of tile. Projects ranging from Las Vegas casinos like the Wynn, hotels from Dubai to Milan, retail store throughout the US like UGG, Billabong, Sanuk and Teavana, vacation resorts such as the Westin on Maui, and over 50,000 orders for you and I's neighbors, beautifying their homes.


For us, cool design and inspired spaces is what motivates us. Finding something unique that is artistic, clever, exotic, hand made or just stunning is exciting. And as we move forward opening our boys and ourselves to the cultures and art of the world, we hope to continue to find inspiration to share with you.