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Maluku Coconut Tile

Maluku Coconut tiles are made of 1x1 chips from the interior of the coconut shell inside the husk where the milk and meat are harvested . Coconut mosaic pieces of 1X1 inches are cut from natural coconut shells which are abundant and found in many parts of the Islands of Indonesia.Often simply left as waste on the ground, the coconuts provide an incredibly unique and fresh approach to eco friendly products. Made from reclaimed coconut shells and low VOCglues, they are perfect for kitchen and bathroom design. Used extensively in commercial and residential design, these kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles are modern, tropical and stunning. Price LISTED is per 16.5x16.5 SHEET (1.89 SQ FT). SOLD AS A SAMPLE SWATCH OF 4X4 INCHES OR IN CARTONS OF 6 SHEETS = 11.89 SQUARE FEET

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