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Natural Cork Mosaic Tile

Our unique 100% all natural cork mosaic tile fashioned in the classic penny round style is a truly feel good product. Beyond corks amazing natural properties that make it an ideal interior design element is the sustainable way it it is harvested so that it actually does the tree and the environment good for the cork bark to be stripped from the tree. For the lucky individual incorporating cork into your design here are the benefits.

It is warm. Cork’s natural thermal insulation properties actually make it warm to the touch. Nice touch come winter.

It is comfortable.Cork’s elasticity protects against and relieves strain on your feet, joints and back.    

The cork mosaic tile is sold by the square foot but because of the interlock it is not a true square foot (.92 sq ft). It comes in sheets that are 1.82 sq ft so remember to order in increments of 2 and to factor sq footage for the actual tile size. { Divide Sq ft needed by 1.82 and add 5% for overage}



About Cork Mosaic Tile - We Didn't Kill The Tree

Cork Mosaic Tile Installation Guide

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