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Random Linear Teak Mosaic Tile

Linear Teak Mosaic Tile is a very unique mosaic fashioned from reclaimed teak. The teak is typically used in the Indonesian furniture industry and the excess waste pieces are gathered, cut and puzzled into this very unique msoaic. Teak is a naturally very hard wood and very durable which is why some of the pieces of reclaimed teak may be 400 years old or more. Each piece has itsown shade of patina and is part of the natural character of the tile. This is a very simple glue up application so is ideal for any DIY or professional wishing to create an amazing feature wall, backsplash or accent. Price LISTED is per 6X24 SHEET (1.00 SQ FT). Options for purchase include SAMPLE SWATCH OF 4X4 INCHES OR IN CARTONS OF10 SHEETS = 10.00 SQUARE FEET

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